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West Ham news: Fikayo Tomori explains deadline decision to snub late transfer | Football | Sport


“I wanted to make sure that whatever decision I made was really thought out and try to do what’s best for me.

“I made the decision in the end to stay and to improve more and try to get into the team, play some games, gain some more experience and try to get back to levels I was at last season.

“I tried as much as I can to do what is best for me and the way that transfers are, some days you are up here and you feel like it is all rolling, then sometimes nothing happens at all and you have to deal with the situation you are put in.

“For me, I wanted everything to be thought out and I thought about what was happening and especially when we had the few weeks off and leading up into the season, I was talking a lot with my agent and the club. I was trying to get some clarity about what was going on.

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