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Tottenham furious with England boss Gareth Southgate over Harry Kane injury risk | Football | Sport


“Our togetherness that they’ve bonded over a long period of time because of the experiences they’ve had on and off the pitch, the closeness of their relationships, their understanding of what’s needed to win the biggest games.

“That team two years ago hadn’t played so many matches with us, hadn’t played some of the big matches with their clubs, they didn’t have experience of winning the things they’ve done with their clubs as well.

“So in those moments of pressure, they were better able to survive and to come through.”

Except that mathematically, it is all largely a myth – nothing more than a state of mind. The starting line-up on Sunday actually had seven caps fewer than their 2018 semi-final peers and just three Champions League matches per man more.

Trent Alexander-Arnold and Jordan Henderson may have added to their medal collection significantly, as has Kyle Walker. But there are still a complement of won-nothing Tottenham players to bring average haul down.

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