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Liverpool transfer news: Reds have plan to beat Leeds United to signing of ‘wonderkid’ | Football | Sport


Klopp said of Jones: “Self-confidence for a football player is really important because usually you play in front of 30, 40, 50, 60, 70 thousand people and without confidence that’s not possible, I can tell you. Yes, it helps.

“Doing the right thing in the right moments helps as well. That’s what he had to learn in the last few years because he was absolutely exceptional and maybe the top player of each age group he was in.

“[That] means he had to learn to play together with other players – he made massive steps in that department. He had brilliant role models in this squad.

“And now, the door is open. I don’t want to make the performance smaller than it was because it’s absolutely exceptional. The way he scores, the way he contributes to the game, that’s all really exceptional.

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