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La Liga: Complicated transfer season makes it tougher for La Liga newbies | Football News

CHENNAI: There was a lot of hustle among top La Liga clubs to buy and offload players as the summer transfer window came to a close last week but things were quite ‘complicated’ for the three newly-promoted clubs — Cadiz, Elche and Huesca — in the league.
While Cadiz, who are ninth on the table and face Real Madrid on Saturday, were unable to sell their players on permanent deals, Elche had to scramble to sign players after qualifying for the top division in the last minute. Huesca, on the other hand, are concerned whether they can survive in the top-flight this season with very little additions to their side.
“It’s been a very complicated transfer market with very little movement. We had a large squad going into the season. So we wanted to sell a few players before adding to our squad. But the market went down, obviously, as far as price was concerned and it wasn’t easy to sell players. So we didn’t have any possibility of buying certain players which we wanted to,” Cadiz president Manuel Vizcaino answered a TOI query during a virtual press conference organised by La Liga.
Cadiz eventually bought five players, including Alvaro Gimenez (€2.7 million) from Birmingham City, Choco Lozano (€2.5m) from Girona and Ivan Alejo (€2m) from Getafe.
With the pandemic taking a toll on the transfer market and no major sponsorships coming in, clubs were unwilling to sell players at a lesser value. So Elche, who had only 10 players on their roster for the 2020-21 season before qualifying unexpectedly for La Liga by winning two playoff matches, had no other option but to sign players on loan and free transfers. Even though they signed Raul Guti (€5 million) from Real Zaragoza, they had to offload Juan Cruz to Osasuna (€2.75m).
“We didn’t expect to make it to the top division and were planning for the second division. So the last few days, especially the last few hours of Monday, just before the transfer market closed was all crazy. We had to sign players on loan and were looking out for free transfers. But we managed to finalize everything,” Elche CEO Patricia Rodriguez said.
What also added to the clubs’ woes is the fact that they didn’t have a significant window to prepare themselves between two seasons as the pandemic forced the 2019-20 season to close only in August. Moreover, with fans still not allowed inside the stadiums, Huesca general director Jose Luis Ortas said that the clubs are now looking at a reduced revenue and surviving the season at the top-flight is the primary objective for them.
“We didn’t go for big deals but instead strengthened our squad with players who can compete. We want to ensure that we can stay afloat during this odd pandemic season,” Ortas concluded.

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