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FSU likely to be active in transfer portal to build 2021 team


Florida State, under the guidance of head coach Mike Norvell and his staff, have shown that they will turn to the transfer portal to try and improve their roster during the offseason. After arriving at FSU in early December, they added eight transfers that were set to contribute during their first season at the helm. That group includes players who have seen starts such as running back Jashaun Corbin, offensive lineman Devontay Love-Taylor, defensive tackle Fabien Lovett and defensive back Jarrian Jones.

With FSU’s roster undergoing a full transition, it appears likely that FSU will once again lean on the transfer portal this offseason to continue to try and address needs with immediate help. Before we turn our attention to the transfer portal and constructing the 2021 roster, we will take a look at how it has been used with the 2020 roster.

We will also then turn our attention to how it may be used going forward and what areas are most likely to be specifically addressed.

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