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Chelsea transfer news: Why Lionel Messi transfer collapsed after agreeing terms | Football | Sport


“A lunch date is set up in London, at Mourinho’s mansion. On one side, the three intermediaries that talk through the project and its feasibility, on the other side the Chelsea boss, who still struggles to believe what’s going on.

“So, what can you do to make him lose all doubt? A FaceTime call, with Mourinho and Messi face to face. Box office stuff.”

The call is then detailed, with Mourinho telling a stunned Messi he should stay where he is and not lose the chance of a statue, before he makes his play.

The conversation continues with Mourinho: “If one morning you wake up, you have your breakfast at the training ground but the coffee doesn’t taste the same, the sky suddenly turns grey, you don’t like your car anymore, you feel sad on your way home, you’re not happy, your family is not happy, well, in that dark and gloomy moment of your life… then yes, you will have to open the gate of happiness again. And behind that gate, you will find me, Jose Mourinho, waiting for you!”

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