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Benrahma seals West Ham loan, Rodon joins Spurs: deadline day – as it happened | Football

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“You are the first permanent member of our promotion winning side to leave us and therefore I felt I should write this open letter to express my thanks, but also to ensure the supporters know just how big your impact has been.

“You are clearly a top player and anyone who understands the game can see your quality. Unfortunately things have just not fallen for you in the way they should have done during your time at Leeds United, which can happen in football. A lot of people credit Marcelo with changing the culture of Leeds United since he arrived, which is absolutely true, but you also arrived during the summer of 2018 and I know a lot of people also believe that your arrival at the club sparked a change in the dressing room too.

“… Our head of communications always feeds back to me when players have gone above and beyond in the community and he has constantly informed me how much you have done for people in this city. You care and you are a good person.

“I understand why you are leaving. You are a proper professional and you want to play and I respect that greatly. You leave us as a champion on the pitch and I hope now people understand that you are a champion off the field too. Thank you for everything Barry. I wish you, Debbie, Kaidyn and your soon to be new addition all the luck in the world for the future.

“P.S You still owe me a free kick.”

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